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  • World Bank, Washington, DC, 2020

    • “Impact of maternal depression and its treatment on maternal outcomes, parental investment and child development.” Presented by Joanna Maselko. ​

  • Society for Epidemiologic Research (Virtual), 2020

    • “Longitudinal effects of perinatal social support on maternal depression: a marginal structural modelling approach” presented by Katherine LeMasters

    • "The relationship between maternal adverse childhood experiences and child physical and socioemotional development in rural Pakistan" presented by Esther O. Chung

  • Society for Research on Child Development Special Topics Meeting - Connecting Worlds: Studying Child Development in Low Resource Contexts, St. Louis (Virtual), 2020

    • "The role of grandmother involvement on child development in rural Pakistan" presented by Esther O. Chung 

  • Frank Porter Graham Center Seminar. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2019 

    • “Maternal Mental Health, the Social Context, and Child Development: The Promise and Limitations of Maternal Depression Treatment” Presented by Joanna Maselko. ​

  • Invited plenary at the World Psychiatric Association. New York, NY, 2018  

    • “Social Determinants, what do we do with them?” Presented by Joanna Maselko. ​

  • Society for Research in Child Development Annual Meeting, Austin TX, 2017

    • "Determinants of positive socioemotional development among school aged children in rural Pakistan.Presented by Joanna Maselko. ​

  • Maternal and Child Health Symposium. Duke University, 2015

    • “The Thinking Healthy Programme: Progress and Future Directions.” Presented by Joanna Maselko. 

  •  Grand Challenges Meeting. Seattle, WA, 2014

    • “Scaling up MH Services with Community Health Workers: The role of integration and peer volunteers.” Presented by Siham Sikander.

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